Our Sites AWE

AWE has two major sites, both based in Berkshire: AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield. 
The company’s headquarters is AWE Aldermaston, which covers approximately 750 acres. Formerly a wartime airfield, the site is now a sophisticated centre providing advanced research, design and manufacturing facilities.
AWE Burghfield, a former munitions factory, occupies a 225 acre site and is responsible for the complex final assembly and maintenance of the warheads while in service, as well as their decommissioning.
In July 2012 The ABL Alliance of AWE plc, Babcock Marine (Clyde) Ltd and Lockheed Martin UK Strategic Systems Ltd, was awarded a 15 year contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), to manage strategic weapons services at the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Coulport.
The Alliance brings together unique complementary skills, experience, resources and management best practices of the three companies, which will safely and securely sustain and develop the existing expertise at Coulport, in support of the UK Government’s Continuous at Sea Deterrence (CASD) policy.
We also have an outlying facility; Blacknest where seismological research is undertaken in support of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.