Site Development AWE

To provide enduring capabilities for the long term, we are maintaining and developing our site infrastructure. We have adopted a disciplined reinvestment strategy and continue to replace and refurbish selected facilities and utilities, maintaining the right balance between site legacy expenditure and other investment required to deliver the programme.

Project Pegasus – Aldermaston
Pegasus is a replacement facility that will be used to process radioactive materials.

Technology Development Centre - Aldermaston
The Technology Development Centre will allow essential diagnostic and technology development to be carried out in a purpose built safe and secure environment.

Project Circinus - Aldermaston
Due for Completion in 2015, Circinus will provide the core capability for high explosives fabrication.

Project Mensa - Burghfield
Mensa will replace the existing assembly and disassembly facilities at Burghfield.

Project Phoenix - Burghfield
Phoenix is our replacement conventional manufacturing facility at Burghfield.