Opening up the Orion laser to other users

Orion is used by the academic community for collaborative experiments

We allocate up to 15% of Orion’s system time each year for cutting-edge collaborative experiments with our academic partners. Access to Orion provides the UK’s academic community and their international collaborators with a unique insight into our work.

“Working with our academic partners on Orion is inspirational and opens their eyes to the unique capabilities at AWE.’” -Colin Danson, Orion Academic Access Coordinator

Academic access offers a significant opportunity to encourage and excite a new generation of physicists and researchers, both nationally and internationally. We manage the call and selection of suitably peer-reviewed experimental proposals through the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

To submit your proposal and learn about our selection process, contact [email protected].

Studying plasma physics

Plasma physics is an important field of study for understanding the physics of the nuclear warhead

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