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Delivering goods

Goods delivered to AWE must follow the below instructions

All delivery drivers should be in possession of photographic identification and should adhere to the conditions of entry.

Contact the AWE Site Logistics office on 0118 985 4710 or e-mail to obtain a booking form. The booking form should not be amended and is to be returned in the same format (Excel). Failure to do so may result in the booking form being rejected.  A booking form is not required for:

  • A contracted arrangement already in place
  • If delivery is to be made by a courier or pallet freight company;

If deliveries are not booked, AWE reserve the right to refuse delivery or the delivery driver may be asked to return or wait until a delivery slot is available. No deliveries will be accepted to AWE on UK Public Holidays.

The primary delivery address for AWE is:

Unit 43 Easter Park
United Kingdom

Goods being delivered to this location must conform to the specified criteria detailed below.

Max weight: 1600kg
Max length: 3.2m
Max pallet dimensions: 1.6m (w) x 1.6m (h)

All items that arrive palletised must be secured to the pallet via pallet wrap or banding and any deliveries deemed unsafe for transport may be refused.

AWE operates a dual location for receiving / off-loading deliveries and Suppliers may be instructed to deliver to one of AWE Sites directly. Suppliers will be advised the location for their delivery/collection at the time of booking.

All goods packages must be clearly marked with both a Delivery/Goods note, and a label, attached to the outside of the package, showing the:

  • Deliver to Name (as shown on the AWE Purchase Order)
  • Building Number (as shown on the AWE Purchase Order)
  • Standard Purchase Order number and line item(s)
  • Quantity of items enclosed for each line item

This must match the details on the Booking Order Form.

If the Delivery/Goods note also acts as Certificate/Declaration of Conformity, please ensure there is a duplicate contained within the package.

Where the Supplier is supplying products that include an electrical power supply, they shall label the packaging and advice note as “ELECTRICAL”. All electrical items shall comply with current EU legislative requirements and be marked accordingly.

Where it applies, all products must comply with CE marking.

AWE reserves the right to refuse and return any goods consignment (at no cost to AWE) without all these details.