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AWE working with Sellafield Ltd

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AWE is pleased to announce that an enabling contract has been signed to allow us to work with Sellafield Ltd and The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to secure a long-term solution for the appropriate treatment and storage of our Higher Activity Waste (HAW).  

 We have been working with Sellafield Ltd, the NDA and the Ministry of Defence to secure such a long-term solution for the treatment and storage of our HAW.  The enabling contract will allow for the treatment of up to 5000 drums of HAW at Sellafield. This is a key step in our ongoing work to meet the regulatory requirements set out by the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

 Haydn Clulow, AWE Site Director, said: “AWE has been working towards this long-term strategy to meet our HAW regulatory requirements since 2011. This strategy supports AWE’s enduring commitment to deliver safe and secure operations and make continuous improvement in environmental performance.”