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Adaptive tricycle is a huge hit with Brookfields students

Brookfields School Trike presentation

Brookfields Special School in Tilehurst have been fundraising to buy an adaptive tricycle for pupils with mobility problems and visual impairment.  The tricycle allows pupils in wheelchairs or with visual impairment to take part in cycling activities which both help to improve their mobility and to enjoy an activity which is normally inaccessible to them. The tricycle encourages participation in sport and allows the children to have fun with their friends and peers.

Some of the £5000 AWE donation from the AWE Charity Fund was used to purchase the tricycle while the remainder of the donation was the final push needed to ensure that the new sports track became a reality.

AWE’s Julie Richards who previously worked at the school and nominated Brookfields to receive the donation said it was fantastic to see Yanne again and watch him zoom round the cycle track. I am very proud to be associated with the school and even more delighted that AWE’s gift will aid improved mobility and movement, which delighted all the children as we saw on the day”

Deputy Headteacher Debbie Mallam said “we are very grateful to AWE for the donation. The track and tricycle allow us to support the pupils to make the best progress they possibly can. The pleasure the children have got from using the tricycle is great to see. It enables them to move independently and interact with their peers in outside activities”.

Student Yanne (age 16) was delighted to show off the new tricycle, as he speeds around the track and commented ” The trike is great, I love being outdoors and it is a fun way to strengthen my muscles”.

The new track is in use every day by students including those with mobility problems, those using walkers, wheelchairs and the trikes are all able to participate in the Golden mile which is 5 laps around the track.