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Supporting schools during Road Safety Week

Brimpton School new railings
Brimpton School new railings

As part of our activities to support national  Road Safety Week we have been helping our local schools spread the message by supporting them in their own campaigns to raise awareness with pupils in their schools.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Step up for Safe Streets” and we donated some junior road safety kits to Tadley and Aldermaston based primary schools to support the work they are doing to keep pupils safe.

Amelia Mohain, Deputy head  at Tadley Primary School said : ‘”Thank you to AWE for working in partnership with us to promote road safety at Tadley. It is something we take very seriously.”

A set of high vis fluorescent  vests were donated to both the Aldermaston based primary schools to enable them to travel round the village more safely.

Newly appointed ‘Road safety Officers’ in year six at Tadley Primary School set the standards for fellow pupils.


Jane O’Halloran, Head teacher at the Cedars School in Aldermaston, said:  ‘”We take the children walking in the village and high visibility vests are exceptionally important. We have had close links with AWE for many years and find their ongoing support very valuable.”


Younger pupils at The Cedars enjoy a story with Head teacher Jane O’Halloran and the road safety bunny.


Local school Brimpton Primary also got a helping hand from the AWE Charity Fund.  The safety railings outside the school gate and road markings to the entrance of the school needed a lick of paint. The fund which supports staff, local charities and good causes was pleased to make this donation, to help the school reinforce the importance of road safety to the children attending the school.

Head teacher Heidi Davies said

“We are very grateful for the funding AWE Charity Fund provided to enable the school to get the safety railing repainted which helps keep the children and local community safe on this busy road”.