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Winning in Quality

Winning in Quality awards

MOD Quality Awards 2019

At a ceremony held in Bristol on 5 November, AWE won four awards in this year’s prestigious MOD Quality Awards. This is a great achievement for the business.

In total the MOD gave out 14 awards across industry and various departments within the MOD and Armed Forces. The judges also chose an overall winner for the Gold Award which we are delighted to announce was won by AWE’s Steve Bagnall.

The worthy award winners from AWE are:

  • Rick Ellis – who achieved an award in the category of Quality Ambassador;
  • Steve Bagnall – who was presented with an award in the category of Inspiring Leadership;
  • James Mellett – who achieved an award in the category of Rising Star; and
  • Defect Reduction Team – a cross company team from Production, SET and Quality – who won an award in the category of Best Improvement. 

Rick Ellis, Head of Profession for Quality says,

‘I feel immensely proud to have been recognised externally not only by a highly regarded organisation, but in this case our customer. I am passionate about extending Quality as a role and driven to bring it to a wider community within my organisation. I feel both humble and honoured to receive this prestigious award’.

Following the ceremony Stephen Hughes, Head of Quality added,

”It’s a great achievement for the team and I’m delighted that some excellent work has gained external recognition by our customer and has been validated by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI). We should all feel very proud of the contribution made to the business and delighted to receive recognition for some great cross functional team work.”

And it doesn’t end there…..
The Quality Team have also been nominated for an award at the International CQI Awards which take place on 27 November, so good luck to the team!

Photo: from left to right, back row to front row: Andy Kirk, Stephen Hughes, Andrew Parsons, Keith Cross, Steve Bagnall, James Mellett, Rick Ellis