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AWE becomes a Non-Departmental Public Body

AWE MOD transition banner

Today (1 July 2021), AWE plc, the company operating the Atomic Weapons Establishments (AWE), becomes a Non-Departmental Public Body, wholly owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

This change in operating model, announced last year in November, will further strengthen the relationship between the MOD and AWE plc, enhancing the management of the UK’s nuclear warhead programme whilst also delivering on core MOD objectives and value for money to the taxpayer.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “As part of the Defence Nuclear Enterprise, AWE plc supports the vital work of sustaining and renewing the UK’s nuclear deterrent and maintaining the Continuous At Sea Deterrent which provides the ultimate guarantee to the UK’s safety. I am pleased to welcome AWE plc as the newest Non-Departmental Public Body of the MOD.”

Alison Atkinson, CEO and MD of AWE plc, said: “Today marks a new chapter in AWE’s long history of service to national safety and security. Becoming a Non-Departmental Public Body is a positive and exciting change to the way we operate our business and one which will further strengthen relationships to support the effective delivery of our common goals and mission going forward.

“On behalf of AWE plc, I would like to thank AWE Management Limited (AWE ML) for supporting the mission for the past two decades and their commitment to ensuring a smooth transition.”


Written Ministerial Statement