AWE teams rise to the UK Challenge

Tired but smiling – AWE competitors in the UK Challenge

UK Challenge (UKC) is a world leading team building event, where teams of six take on running, cycling, kayaking and swimming in some of the UK’s most stunning (and challenging) scenery.

This year AWE took four teams to the Peak District to battle the elements, the terrain – and the puzzles. Teams have to decide which routes to take, which obstacles to face, and how best to utilise their team’s strengths to ensure an efficient completion of each mission.

A total of 75 teams from the military and companies from across the country took part. AWE’s teams achieved great results, with the Novice team winning the Novice trophy and coming sixth overall, the Dream Team came second overall and won two of the seven stages, the Leading Ladies Team finished as top all-female team and 19th overall, whilst the mighty Mixed Team finished seventh overall.

AWE director Ian Crotch said: “Having all four teams finish in the top 20 out of a field of 75 teams is a huge testament to the unity and teamwork of the squad both in the run up to and during the event. The leadership, team spirit and resilience shown by all team members, across all teams was nothing short of inspirational.”