Catherine, Trainee Health Physicist

Cathy Nortey

What do you do?

I work in Science as a Trainee Health Physicist on AWE’s graduate programme

What did you study?

I have always had a strong passion in the Science subjects and that led to me pursuing these subjects in my higher education.

For my bachelor’s degree, I studied Physics in the first two years and then specialised in Medical Physics for my final years.

How did you decide which field to get into?

During my degree I had the opportunity to work in the Radiology Departments in some hospitals. I then went onto pursue my master’s degree in Medical Radiation Physics; that was when I developed an interest in Radiation Protection.

Why did you choose your current role?

I joined AWE because of the role the company plays in the security of the nation. The company also had a reputation of supporting their employees to have a well-balanced family and work life which really appealed to me. My role also offered me an opportunity to influence decision making relating to radiation protection in the company.

What route did you take?

I joined AWE as a graduate trainee scientist – specialising in radiological protection

Why do you love your job?

I love the challenge my work brings me, and radiation protection is an opportunity to make a difference. My work gives me the opportunity to ensure any person working with ionising radiation is working safely by not putting themselves and others at risk and that all my colleagues are complying with the regulations that guide our company.

What does the future hold?

In a few months I hope to be a Health Physicist and then eventually a Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).

I am looking forward to a bright future as I can see a lot of progression in my career path whilst providing essential advice to support the vision of the company.