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Enhancing biodiversity

We recognise we need to go beyond halting biodiversity loss and contributing to a more positive future for our native wildlife

The AWE estate is home to a number of species and plants that we ensure are protected.

As part of our Nature Recovery Plan, we have introduced a Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) Scheme, which aims to leave our sites in better condition after development activities than before. A BNG scheme involves avoiding, minimising or compensating biodiversity loss as far as possible, while achieving measurable net gains that contribute towards both local and strategic biodiversity priorities.

We have created baseline habitat maps of our sites so we can take appropriate action to protect important habitats and species that are present on our estate. We will continue to undertake further surveys to monitor our impact and create specific habitat management plans for areas with higher biodiversity value.

How we regulate our sites

We aim to protect the natural environment on our sites to the highest levels through our policies and Environmental Management System.

  • The Greening Government Commitments (GGCs)
  • The Ministry of Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach
  • The National Policy Planning Framework
  • Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) AWE, as a non-departmental public body, has a legal duty to ensure biodiversity conservation and enhancement.
  • UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) and Sustainable Development Goals