We are working on developing initiatives which align to the Ministry of Defence’s Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach, including contributing to Net Zero by 2050

In 2020/21, we have reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 18% compared to the FY18 baseline, in line with our 2030 target.

This reduction is supported partly by the continued decarbonisation of the grid, but this alone is not enough for us to achieve our ambitions. A comprehensive carbon management strategy has been developed which will guide us in reducing our carbon emissions and improving our energy efficiency.

What’s next?

Our 2030 vision is to almost halve our carbon emissions from site heating and electricity in line with science-based targets as an important intermediate step to our 2050 goal. A key element of our carbon strategy is energy procurement. All our purchased electricity is from renewable sources, and we are exploring opportunities for entering into Purchased Power Agreements and investing in on-site renewables.

Did you know?

  • We have provided electric vehicle charging capability with the installation of ten electric vehicle charging points and will continue to upgrade EV infrastructure to meet future demands.
  • We purchase electricity from renewable sources.
  • The Lift share scheme was launched in 2017 and the scheme has been reducing carbon emissions from employee commuting.

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We recognise the importance of protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of our sites.

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