Resource Consumption

We are continuing to identify opportunities to embed the principles of the circular economy, to reduce resource consumption, conserve scarce and non-renewable resources and minimise waste generation

We have made great progress in reaching our waste management targets and now need to maintain these while working with more complex types of waste.

What’s next?

We will continue to focus on:

  • reducing the consumption of single-use plastics across the business.
  • reducing onsite chemical inventories and the use of environmentally harmful substances.
  • the recovery of precious and rare earth metals through a closed loop approach within our supply chain.
  • minimising water usage on site.
  • undertaking a gap analysis of our procurement arrangements against ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement.

Did you know?

  • We have implemented a platform to enable the sharing of equipment and consumables to reduce purchasing of new items and minimise waste.
  • We’ve identified which areas of our supply chain have the greatest carbon impact, allowing us to collaborate with suppliers to better meet our carbon reduction ambitions.
  • Measures have been put in place to eliminate single-use plastics in our canteen. All cutlery and take away boxes are Vegware and compostable. Condiment sachets have been replaced with refillable dispensers.
  • More agile working patterns have helped reduce the level of printing. During the pandemic there has been a drop of around 60%, demonstrating what is achievable.

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AWE will be a carbon neutral organisation by 2030

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