Health and safety

Health and Safety are at the heart of everything we do.

We operate one of the largest and most complex programmes in the UK defence industry, consequently we are absolutely focussed on the effective management of the Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) across our sites.

From building state-of-the-art facilities, to supporting our Production, Science, Engineering and Technology programmes, the management of Environment, Safety, Health and Wellbeing underpins all activities at AWE. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

The requirement to work safely is an ongoing commitment that we openly share with our people, our contractors, our regulators, our visitors and our local communities. We provide and maintain a safe working environment, monitor and evaluate our performance and strive to continuously improve the management of ESH. We recognise that success is built upon strong cultural foundations, so demonstrating the right attitudes and behaviours is paramount to ensuring a naturally integrated safety culture within our organisation.

Health and wellbeing

Wellbeing (noun) -the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy- Oxford English Dictionary

This definition may be simple, but the meaning is more complicated. However, we know when we’re well we’re more likely to feel positive and enjoy life. So, our people’s wellbeing is a priority.

With our proactive and preventative approach, we aim to ensure we have a sustainable, thriving workforce with long-lasting good health and happiness so we focus on the four pillars of wellbeing physical, emotional, social and financial, and support them when they’re not.

We actively involve and listen to our people and run data-led initiatives, which gives people the knowledge, skills and confidence to remain healthy, safe and engaged.

We have an established network of Wellbeing Champions who provide support and champion good mental health, as well as monthly wellbeing activities to help our people live a healthy lifestyle and stay well at work and home.


Our environment

We believe outstanding environmental performance is a key part of being a responsible and sustainable organisation.

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