Supplier Assurance

AWE regularly carries out a number of audits and assurance reviews on its suppliers depending on the level of risk inherent in the goods, services and works being provided.

AWE’s approach to auditing and assurance reviews of suppliers

Once suppliers have completed their Supplier Competency Evaluation they will be assessed as to certain assurance gradings; these may include quality, environmental, safety and cyber security aspects.  You might see mentioned ‘QC1’ our highest level of quality control grading or ‘ESH A’ our highest level of environmental, safety and health grading.  The type of requirement will determine the level of grading suppliers need to meet, and whether they are liable to audit by AWE.  The audit requirement is reflected in our Terms and Conditions, but suppliers will always be pre-notified of any visits from AWE auditors.
Cyber security gradings will include the allocation of a “Cyber Profile” and our requirements for Cyber Essentials certification; there may also need to be a site visit carried out.

Supplier Quality Assurance

AWE’s Quality Requirements for Suppliers

Supply Chain Audits Frequently Asked Questions

AWE Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items Policy statement

AWE Quality Policy

Supply Chain Security

Cyber security for the AWE Supply Chain

Supplier Handbook

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to a copy of our Terms and Conditions  for the contractual standards we expect our suppliers to adhere to as a minimum. Other forms of contract are issued on a case-by-case basis, depending on AWE requirements, complexity and risk.

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