Why choose an Apprenticeship?

Invest in your future.

Our apprenticeships offer many opportunities for career progression. If you are looking to pursue new opportunities and show your expertise. Our apprenticeships let you do just that. Having the skills and experience from an apprenticeship under your belt gives you a distinct advantage for further career progression.

Earn While you Learn.

Going to university costs money. A lot of money!

With an apprenticeship, you’ll earn a wage while you learn and you will get to study at the same time which will teach you everything you need to know, at no cost to you.

Gain real work experience.

Something the classroom can’t teach you is experience.

AWE Apprentices gain experience working with colleagues and solving problems in a real-world environment. You’ll develop your communication and people skills throughout our apprenticeships, allowing you to get the most out of your time at AWE and your course.

Build Professional Relationships

Starting work can be hard when you don’t know anyone. An apprenticeship gives you the experience you need to build strong professional relationships within your industry. It’s a brilliant way to find out about more opportunities, gain even more experience and figure out where you want to take your career.

Improve your employability.

You will gain both practical working experience, as well as industry-specific knowledge taught through study at the same time.

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