Hints and Tips

We are looking for curious-minded people, who love solving problems and can think beyond the norm. Those who are happy to embrace a way of working not found anywhere else and can drive AWE forward. Our application and assessment process is designed to help you fully show your potential. We receive hundreds of applications for our programme so it’s important that you show us your potential from application stage.

  • Take time completing your application. Think carefully about the programme you are interested in and your relevant skills when deciding what to apply for.
  • As you progress through the recruitment process, allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for each of the various stages.
  • Please make sure that the CV you submit and any requirements for writing and speaking is in English.
  • Within your CV, please provide details of your degree modules, your previous work experience and any relevant final year projects (if applicable). Recruiting managers will want to see exactly what you have done and how this matches with what they’re looking for.
  • Make sure you’ve filled in all the sections of the application.
  • For online assessments make sure that you have a quiet space where you are unlikely to be disturbed so that you can concentrate fully on what you are being asked to complete.