Things to think about

What we do a both unique and extraordinary. We have one of the most important missions in the defence of our country: to keep everyone safe and secure from nuclear threats. As you would expect, there is therefore a higher level of security than in other organisations.

We have pulled together this information to give you a sense of the type of company you would be coming to work for and of some of the differences between us and other commercial organisations to help you consider whether it’s the right place for you.


We are trusted to build, maintain and keep safe the nuclear warheads that are part of the UK’s Continuous at Sea Deterrent system. Our understanding of nuclear materials and our unique nuclear skills also enable us to support the Government with nuclear threat reduction and counter-terrorism capabilities.

  • Would you feel comfortable working for an organisation that builds the nuclear warheads and supports nuclear threat reduction?

Given the nature of our work you could be trusted with highly sensitive information. Before anyone comes to work with us they will need to go through a stringent approvals process, called clearance.  We are also highly regulated which means safety and security are critical and you’re likely to experience greater levels of security than you would in many other organisations. For example, armed guards at the entrance gates, random vehicle and bag searches when you come on and off site, and there are restrictions on where you can take/use your mobile or other personal electronic devices. This also means that you will need to be careful with what you say to others and what you post on social media about your work.

  • Would being unable to bring your mobile phone into certain areas at our sites be an issue for you?
  • Would you be comfortable not discussing your work or sharing it on social media? 

Our unique and innovative environment creates jobs that are varied and diverse. This environment gives you the prospect of working with leading industry experts in an exciting and important field. Your career goals are important to us. We encourage you to undertake training, development and professional registration. You are encouraged to seek out relevant opportunities and tailor your own career path to take full advantage of what AWE has to offer.

  • Are you the type of person who is self-motivated and shows drive for achieving your career and goals?
  • Are you willing to be adaptable in your career path and take opportunities as they arise?


There is a wide range of apprenticeships at AWE to help get your career started. You will have the unique opportunity to build valuable skills through our award-winning programme. The training you receive as an apprentice will allow you to experience various aspects of the role. You will work with remarkable people with different levels of expertise; learn from mentors and industry experts, as well as experience what it’s like to work in a large business. You will be given every opportunity to build your skills and knowledge to develop your career potential even further.

  • Do you enjoy variety?
  • Would you enjoy taking on new assignments to help you develop in your chosen career path?
  • Would you be comfortable having to work with other people to get your job done?

The AWE Apprenticeship includes exciting opportunities to build job relevant knowledge and skills. You will need to complete all role-relevant qualifications, both practical and theoretical, to successfully complete your Apprenticeship. You’ll also need to complete assignments or study outside normal hours and, at times, it can be quite busy. You will need to be motivated to learn and keep up with the training requirements. At the end of your Apprenticeship, you will be independently assessed to external standards before moving into an exciting role in the business.

  • Would you feel comfortable learning through various methods, including classroom and on the job?
  • Would you be able to complete learning activities outside of normal working hours, if needed?

We will give you all the support you need to be successful in your Apprenticeship and your role in the business. In return, we rely on you to play your part in your career development. You will need to be organised and manage commitments to complete work in a timely manner. Sometimes your workload may be high and you’ll be expected to balance multiple demands. At other times the pace of work may be slower and you’ll be expected to find ways to stay productive. In addition, you’ll be required to act professionally while representing the company, both within AWE and offsite. This includes behaving consistently with AWE values, dressing appropriately, communicating professionally, and being punctual.

  • Are you able to manage your own time to get things done?
  • Can you act and communicate professionally both within and outside AWE sites?

The nature of our work involves dealing with different situations and environments. As an Apprentice you will likely run into challenges that require you to adapt your work approach to these changing needs. You may be expected to take on a new problem, meet new people with different backgrounds, work with a new team, or move on to a new placement as part of your Apprentice rotation. Flexibility will be required to thrive in these situations. It is also important to embrace change positively to support opportunities for improvement or innovation within AWE.

  • Would you be comfortable adapting your work approach to the needs of the situation?
  • Do you normally react positively when unexpected situations happen?