Delivering emergency response capability

Our experts and specialists provide comprehensive capabilities to protect nuclear warheads.

Nuclear Emergency and Counter Terrorism Operations

We provide 24/7 operational response on the discovery of a nuclear or radiological device. As the UK’s centre of expertise for rendering safe an improvised nuclear device (IND), modelling radioactive plume dispersal and hazard prediction, we are tasked with keeping our country safe from the most devastating acts of terrorism.

Underpinning our response capability is a deep technical understanding of nuclear weapon-related science, sensitive radiation detection technologies and computational models run on some of the country’s most powerful supercomputers.

Our Nuclear Threat Reduction (NTR) specialists provide training to the police and military responders, ensuring that they are equipped to deal with the high-threat environment presented by an IND.

Supporting the Government

We support the Government on a variety of national security issues related to radiological and nuclear materials

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