Advanced mathematics

Our mathematicians, statisticians and scientists carry out research and sophisticated simulations, using advanced capabilities and facilities.

Our mathematicians, statisticians and operational researchers support the safety, reliability and performance of nuclear warheads throughout their lifecycle.

We develop and apply statistical techniques to complex systems. These complex systems undergo predictive testing against a variety of trials and experimental data.

Our mathematicians and statisticians also evaluate the detection probabilities of different operational sensor systems. This evaluation supports national security and the safety of our facilities, processes and procedures.

Our operational research and systems assessment teams analyse our mathematical processes to develop safer and more efficient ways of working. The equipment is optimised against operating procedures and human factors, to provide insights into better facility and process design in support of our work.

As part of our international activities and obligations, we help our partners in Government, industry and academia, in the treatment of uncertainties for broader requirements across a range of industrial and nuclear deterrent applications.



Developing and analysing mathematical models and simulations

Accurate modelling of complex systems demands sophisticated mathematical approaches.

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