Researching and supporting the lifecycle of nuclear warheads

The role of our nuclear warheads is to deter the most extreme threats our nation might face. Not just now, but those that might emerge in the decades to come.

We work at the extremes of science and engineering to understand the performance of nuclear warheads, and assess the safety, security and effectiveness of the stockpile in the absence of live testing.

Remarkable science, technology, engineering and maths integrate across the lifecycle of the warhead: from initial concept and design, to final decommissioning and disposal. Experts in their fields work together in unique and advanced experimental facilities, to perform cutting edge experiments.

Excellence in science

Our advanced science and research supports the life cycle of the nuclear warhead.

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Extraordinary engineering

Using pioneering science-based methodology allows us to certify warheads without actual testing.

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Advanced mathematics

Mathematics plays a vital role in modelling and simulating warheads in the absence of nuclear testing.

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Career opportunities

Want to be part of a unique team supporting the defence and security of the United Kingdom?

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