Excellence in science

Our scientists assess the safety, reliability, and performance of nuclear warheads throughout their lifecycle.

In the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) era, AWE relies on cutting-edge science and computational methodologies to verify the safety and effectiveness of the warhead stockpile, without conducting live testing.

Each component of a warhead will experience continuous change over time because of ageing, obsolescence and improved design; it is our responsibility to make sure that it is safe and secure. This means having the right skills and technical facilities available, as well as innovative collaborations with international partners, academia and other external bodies.

Our science activities cover a number of specialisms and research areas, some of which are multi-disciplinary. Working together with our engineering and manufacturing teams, our scientists ensure our ability to maintain warheads for the UK’s strategic deterrent. Our work in science and technology also provides innovative solutions to national nuclear security.

Extraordinary engineering

Our engineering teams support a wide range of activities: from warhead engineering and nuclear forensics, to building services and process, plant and construction.

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