Solomon, Software Engineer

Describe your current role
I am a Software Engineer in the Orion laser facility, primarily supporting and using the SCADA Software Genesis32 and LabVIEW. My responsibilities involve delivering software solutions to ensure that the highly technical and sophisticated work in Orion is made smoother and simpler – and delivers overall benefit to our research.

Why did you choose to join AWE?
I chose AWE because it allows me to pursue a technology-based role in software engineering within a business area that supports our nation. The Orion laser interested me more since I have always liked science and engineering. Additionally, the workplace is a real plus for me as I can work as both a software engineer and developer – which helps with building my overall skills.

What do you find interesting and enjoyable about your job?
Getting to learn the somewhat different applications of software compared to other business areas that would primarily use languages – like Python, C, or Java – is particularly interesting. I like the exposure to more science and engineering centric software application due to the unique nature of the work in Orion. The people with whom I work are friendly and supportive, which adds to a pleasant working environment.

What or who inspired you to pursue a career in STEM?
Growing up around the time where computers are improving so fast, I have always been interested in software development and engineering. Furthermore, my auntie and uncle with one working in digital forensics and the other in cyber security, led me towards a software-based role from a young age since their work interested me and captured my imagination.

What advice would you give to those who wish to follow in your footsteps?
Learn what you can when you can. You never know what may be useful in the future and make sure to enjoy what you’re doing – as it helps motivate you to progress and do better work for both you and others.