Advances in technology

Using the latest advances, our technology experts use specialist skills, processes and capabilities that support the lifecycle of the warhead.

Applying advanced manufacturing techniques

Our experts apply modern, computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques, both within AWE and at our partner organisations, to support our mission.

We help to develop new agile manufacturing facilities to provide the UK with a modern manufacturing infrastructure, coupled with the resilience to meet our future requirements.

We’re investigating our latest additive manufacturing techniques to develop new, material-efficient manufacturing processes. These processes will provide the components and assemblies for bespoke, safe and effective engineering solutions.

Assembling detection systems

The networks provide long-term condition monitoring of engineered products – and inform the operation of our facilities. The sensors diagnose mechanical stresses, strains and thermal loads within complex engineering structures.

These detection technologies use cutting-edge, nuclear physics data-acquisition and data processing techniques. Experts assess the techniques in laboratories and also in real-world operational environments, both in the UK and globally.

Our pioneering work to develop and assess new radiation sensor networks helps us to protect our nation’s borders. Our search for undeclared radioactive materials within the UK also helps to keep us safe and as part of our role in national defence.

High precision components

Our engineers provide solutions for the manufacturing of components to high degrees of precision and integrity.

We support our high precision manufacturing processes – machining, forming, casting and joining technologies – by metrology and non-destructive evaluation techniques. These techniques help our technology experts to manufacture and characterise components and assemblies on a variety of scales – from metre-length scale components, manufactured to micron precisions, to micron-scale components, manufactured at nanometre-scale precisions.  We design and develop safe and efficient systems and processes to manufacture and assemble a broad range of materials, including metals, polymers and ceramic components. These include explosives, radioactive and toxic materials.

Cutting-edge mathematics

Our mathematical experiments and methods support the safety, reliability and performance of nuclear warheads throughout their lifecycle.

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